Have you ever wanted to create an Arduino based robot from scratch, without buying an expensive kit?

If the answer is yes then you have come to the right place.MIPR is a simple robot designed to get people interested in electronics and coding.

MIPR has been designed to be cheap and modular; MIPR is a bare bones robot with an expansion port that can be used to give it functionality. With these tutorials we will build the robot, code it giving it basic functions such as motor control and Bluetooth. I will then show you how to build various sensor boards giving MIPR more functionality. The sensor boards that we will build will enable MIPR to follow lines, detect obstacles and follow or avoid light.

MIPR is great for testing different types of sensor arrangements using sensor boards that can be plugged in and out with ease.

MIPR will be Arduino based using an Arduino Pro Mini as its micro controller. This micro controller has limited memory that will restrict what we can do however we will over come these limitation by expanding MIPR with Python commands allowing your computer to take direct control of the robot.

MIPR tutorials will be broken down into the following sections;

  1. Introduction (This is where you are at the moment)       ☑
  2. Before you Start (Please read this as it will make things easier)      ☑
  3. Building the Robot      ☑
  4. Programming the Robot      ☑
  5. Building a USB chargeable Battery Board      ☑
  6. Creating a Light Seeking/Avoiding Sensor Board      ☑
  7. Creating a Obstacle Avoiding Sensor Board      ☑
  8. Creating a Line Following Sensor Board ☑
  9. Adding Python to MIPR through the SDK – ☑
  10. Resources      ☑

Now lets get building robots!