L33T is a place where individuals can come to learn about electronics and coding. This website contains information about Arduino, Robotics, Python, C++ and much more. If your just starting out in you making journey or if your a seasoned engineer L33T will have something to offer.


To support the making community L33T has a shop where you can buy various components. We offer these at competivte prices and enccuarge individuals to purchase from us to get a fast dispatch and delivery. All products are dispatched from the UK and sent via Royal Mail.


All products that are sold in our store will have an accompanying tutorial helping you to get started with your journey. The tutorials are designed to be easy to understand getting you up and running in no time.

Our Mission

Creating a brighter future through education

L33T Group UK consists of a small team of passionate people building a platform providing free support for those who wish to learn more about coding and electrical engineering.

The type of future that we create will be dependent on how we nurture future talent and educate our young people. Inspiring them to create innovative solutions solving tomorrows most challenging problems.