This is where we create cool things using microcontrollers such as Arduino’s and add tutorials explaining what we did and how we did it. This encourages makers to explore what’s possible using Arduino giving inspiration and ideas.

eBay tutorials mainly contain Arduino tutorials which are also a good place to learn from. The tutorials under Robotics -> MIPR tie everything together illustrating how to create something from different components creating a robot.

Below are the projects that we currently have.

  • HC-05 Modification – This tutorial is designed for older Arduino’s that you want to add a serial Bluetooth module to which can also reset your Arduino and upload code over Bluetooth. All you need to do is add few components and setup the module which will enable these features.
  • Bootloader Baud Rates – This page is to complement the above tutorial and lists baud rates of common Arduino bauds to be used when setting up the HC-05 to allow code upload over Bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth Programmer – I will show you how to connect the HC-05 to a Arduino in a way that allows you to change the HC-05’s settings using AT commands. You can also buy a programmer breakout board if you don’t want to make your own programmer.
  • Animations Using U8G2 – I’ve used a different format here where I show you hoe to create animations and display them on a small screen connected to a microcontroller. These tutorials are expanded illustrating how to create a class and have multiple independent animations and how to use PROGMEM to save RAM on the Arduino.