HC-05 Modification

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Have you ever wanted to program an Arduino board over bluetooth instead of having to plug in a cable? It’s possible to do this by modifying the HC-05 board, to see how to do this go to the HC-05 modification page under the Arduino subsection. This modification is particularly useful for agile development or when you have a device in a hard to access area.



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Welcome to L33T (pronounced LeeT) a place that contains some useful information for anyone with an interest in programming, electronics or robotics. I have upcoming projects that will be added to the site rather soon but in the meantime you can view some of my work in the side projects section of the site.

These projects tend to take a long tome to complete and can be suspended for a number of months due to everyday lifeĀ getting in the way! I hope to have Envelope completed in the next few months; Envelope is an encryption program written in Java that uses Java’s Security Framework and can encrypt multiple files using a password protected keystore.

I will add some of my Arduino projects to the Arduino Section. These projects will include Time Bear, Time Clock, Modular Intelligent Programmable Robot (MIPR).

I now have an E-bay section of the site, this contains tutorials designed to help people purchasing things from my E-Bay store. These will mostly be Arduino tutorials; I separated this section from the Arduino section to make it easier for E-Bay users to find.

Finally, towards the end of this year I will have some information regarding steganography with a simple example program.

Feel free to have a look around, you might find something interesting.