Hiding data within content rich media is easier than ever with modern powerful computers. This section of will contain information on Steganography and how it can be implemented using Java. The key to having a secure Steganographic application is to encode your secret data in random way that does not leave an application footprint that can be detected by boundary scanners or automated processes. This can be difficult to achieve as data extraction must be possible by the person that has the shared secret; this shared secret will be the knowledge needed to extract the secret data in the same way as someone will need an encryption key to decrypt a cipher.

Most Steganographic applications on the internet are insecure and either leave an application footprint or introduces noise in to carrier image creating a high PSNR value that can be used to detect a stegogram or used to detect where about the data is stored within the stegogram.

I have developed a method that will allow users to hide data within content rich media in a non-linear random manor making detection difficult and statistical attack impossible. I hope to add more information and a demo application by the end of this year.