Envelope is a piece of software written in Java that will carry out bulk encryption using a password protected key store. The key store can contain up to 40,000 unique encryption keys. Each key in the key store will contain 1024 different keys to be used for encryption and noise insertion.

Envelope will compress, encrypt and add random noise to files making brute force attack impossible. All this will be done in a seamless way, all the user needs is a key store and it's password; Envelope will do the rest.

Currently supported encryption algorithms are AES 128, AES 192 and AES 256. Other algorithms will be added in due course.

Each key in the key store is individually encrypted using various hashes of the password. The key store uses multiple methods of error detection ensuring that it has not been tampered with. If tampering is suspected the user will be notified.

More information about Envelope will be added here very soon!