In 2020 COVID-19 gripped the world with governments deciding to discard plans previously drawn up to deal with pandemics. In 2020 we saw all western governments tear up the rule book and use a Chinese model of lockdowns and propaganda against their own populations in order to control a pandemic that we were told was so bad that every family will loose a loved one.

We now find ourselves some time later wondering what went on. With most western countries a shadow of their former selves, in massive amounts of debt and with a population mentally scared, not through loss or war but through constant messaging, messaging that told them that they were at risk from a virus so deadly we need to forget all of our western values and temporarily except an authoritarian regime. These same governments are making decisions that they say are based on “the science” and “the data” however when you look at “the data” it appears that these same governments are doing something else entirely.

COVID Reports is not a conspiracy website, what we are here to do is to take the UK’s Governments data and present it in different ways enabling ordinary people to understand it. This website will use graphs to display data in different ways trying to put it all in context. All data on this website will be for England only. The reason for this is that other parts of the UK had different restrictions at different times. Looking at data from just England we can discover how certain measures affected outcomes.

All data is referenced and the code behind this website can be downloaded from our GitHub page. Anyone wanting to use our data or code is more than welcome to do so. The Github page contains the code behind this website and tools allowing you to view the data in a more selective way. For instance you can select different age groups and create graphs with just those age groups. All code is written in Python and full installation instructions are available from the Github page. Notes regarding the data can be viewed here.

The datasets that create our graphs will be updated daily at 21:00 using the UK Governments COVID Dashbaord’s API.

If you have any suggestions or comments you can contact me by email. My email address can be found in the contact section.