Installing Mu

Mu is a tool that can be used to create, edit, save and upload programs to the Micro:Bit. It is slightly harder to use than the block system provided by the PXT toolset however, it will allow you to do more with the Micro:Bit and understand exactly how it works. If you want to understand the logic behind the code then learning how to write code is a must.

First go to and download the program. This will download an executable file that will run straight away no installation necessary. Put this program where you wan’t and create a desktop short cut to it for easy access. I put the program in C:\Program Files\Mu for example.

If you need help using Mu go to and see if your question can be answered there. The main thing to be aware of is that once your code is written use the Check button at the top of the screen to check your code for syntax errors. Make sure you correct all of these errors before uploading to the Micro:Bit. Once the code has been checked and corrected use the Flash button to upload the code to the BBC Micro:Bit.

I have enabled comments on this page in case you have any issues.

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    Martin says:

    Have you investigated using the javascript editor with the bit bot. I teach KS3 javascript and blocks with the website, and would very much use to introduce projects which could be accessed through this.

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