I have created 6 tutorials to start with that should explain and show you how to use and program Bit:Bot. If you look at the bottom of Bit:Bot it details which Micro:Bit pins are connected to various parts of the Bit:Bot.

I have used natural English where possible to make the code easier to understand. You should start with the first project and progress to the last one as they get progressively harder and later projects build on knowledge attained in the earlier projects.


  1. NeoPixel Tutorial
  2. Light Detector Tutorial
  3. Infrared Emitter/Detector Tutorial
  4. Line Following Robot
  5. Light Sensitive Robot
  6. Remote Control Robot

I will add bonus examples where I show you how to get more functionality from Bit:Bot. These examples can be completed out of sequence and are designed to show Bit:Bots different capabilities rather than being complete tutorials.

These examples will use the Arduino IDE rather than Mu. This is a program that is used to program Arduino micro-controllers and will allow us to do more with the Micro:Bit. If you have enjoyed the first 6 tutorials I recommend using the Arduino IDE although it is harder to use and the learning curve is steeper you can use the skills learnt from the Mu tutorials to successfully use the Arduino IDE and bypass the limitations introduced by the Micro:Bits DAL.