This dashboard is to show the numbers of each age group that have been vaccinated with 1, 2 and 3 vaccinations. Some of the graphs are messy, I included them to illustrate 2 points;

  1. The graph that shows all cumulative doses proves that these vaccinations are not effective; when in history have we ever administered 3 doses of a vaccination within 9 months to prove its efficacy? This clearly shows that the vaccine is not effective and in fact the side effects are so dangerous administering this amount of doses in such a short time period is down right irresponsible. Visit UK Columns Yellow Card website for Adverse Drug Reaction data on these vaccines.
  2. The bottom graph shows daily administered doses for shot 1, 2 and 3. I then plotted daily cases and had to multiply them by 10 so you could see them on the graph. The numbers here are not important, what is important is the shape of the graph. Notice that the case data is not affected by how many vaccines we administer. If vaccination retarded transmission we would see it on this graph. More vaccinations would equal less cases, in fact we see the opposite.