Our Mission

Here at L33T we believe in a better world, a world where our biggest problems can be solved through the use of human capital, ingenuity and hard work.

We believe that in order to achieve this view of the world individuals need to take control of their lives and understand the information rich world that we find ourselves in. The first step to understanding this quagmire of information is to understand how to break complex problems down in to smaller, more manageable challenges. When we can do this, we can do anything.

Our mission here is not to make money or show people what we can do, we’re here to help others to understand the world around them by helping them to build skills that will enable them to break these problems down and change our future for the betterment of man.

We have a simple slogan here at L33T which is “Coding a Better World”. The meaning behind this slogan is that more people who can break down problems, understand the world and create innovative solutions the better our tomorrow will be.

We’ve started helping people through this site and our E-Bay shop with information and beginner tutorials in the hope that one day we can have the honour to inspire someone who will change our reality for the better.